Quote: One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why. ~ Author Unknown

Briards at Starwell Kennels. A bit about us.(click Home to return to the main page.)

We are a small Briard Kennel but have been around for a long time, 30 year anniversay in 2008.

Dogs have been part of all our lives, I grew up with them, so did my husband and my children became involved in showing dogs from an early age. We started with Boxers - we still have a very elderly Boxer in residence (she gained her stud entry at a very early age) and 3 stately Briards, of whom, Sophie our own breeding went on to gain 2 cc's and 1 rcc. We still show her now and again and there is nothing she likes more than to roll around in the mud once she's back on home territory. We have to thank Cheryl Baker for introducing us to the Briard and in-particular for introducing us to Benji who we were lucky enough to make into a champion. We made many friends worldwide and they were very happy times. Sadly Benji recently passed away. We miss him dearly.

as Brandycarr Kennels. Into Border Terriers - external. link.

Briards - giant balls of galloping fur - take a lot of handling and due to a back injury I am no longer able to handle them as they should be, so while we still keep and show 2 Briards - maybe putting Milly to litter in 2008 - we are now putting our years of experience into the smaller Border Terrier and Parson Terrier Breeds. Our aim is to breed for Type, Temperament and Soundness. We breed family dogs who are also keen and able to do that which Borders love to do! Our Parsons carry current clear eye certificates.


Sadly at the moment due to business and family commitments we are not attending many shows - although Veteran Sophie won a few shows this year - 2007 - we hope to participate in a few more shows in the very near future. Maybe we will see you at one soon?

Thank you.

We hope you enjoy our site and please feel free to contact us even if it is only for a chat. We look forward to talking with you.

Angie and the gang.