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Briard ORIGIN: France
HEIGHT: 23"-27" (58-69 cms)
GROUP: Pastoral
WEIGHT: 75-90lb (34-41 kgs)
LIFE SPAN 10 to 12 years
COAT: long and wavy
COLOUR: fawn, slate grey, solid black

Temperament Being naturally protective the Briard can be a good family dog. They are tough, alert and brave and as such make good watchdogs but can be dominant so training is essential. They love to play with their families, including rough play so care needs to be taken if there are young children around. They do well with other pets but like to herd everything they see, including your other pets.

A big hello to you from Angie and Trevor. As Starwell Kennels we have been involved with Briards and Boxers for well over 20 years.
We are not a large kennels and today we only have our veteran Briard Sophie and the new comer Milly who bounds and bounces around with the vim of tigger.
We still hit the show trail with Veteran Sophie and Puppy Milly and maybe we will see you out there.